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Bring on the Babies!

We don't think we're being dramatic by saying that 2022 has gotten off to a rough start. Here at Lum Farm, we know that one of the surest ways out there to lift spirits are babies! In particular, Goat Babies! 

Our first group of goat kids is due somewhere around Jan. 24th. Of course, we never know for sure. This is where the fun starts. 

Maybe YOU can predict which goat mama is going to give birth first in 2022. Fill out the form below. The closest prediction will be declared the winner!


And what will you win?

A meet and greet
for you and a friend with the new babies! AND, you get to name them! 

Just fill in your Goat Baby Prediction below. Stay tuned for updates, and we will announce the winner as soon as the babies arrive! You can predict as often as you'd like, but we will only use the most recent of your predictions when judging. 

Meet the Goat Mamas (scroll down for mama/baby photos!):
(Photos taken Jan. 5/6)



Charly and the first of her twins, born 1/31


Bean and Jellybean, born 1/31

BBG trio

BBG with GG, and Smoosh, our first babies of 2022!


Shelby and her new twins, born 2/1


Turtle and the first of her twins, born 2/27


Dora and her twins, born 2/27


Kujo and her baby, born 1/31


Nellie and her baby, born 1/31.

Pregnant goat photos.....


BBG Smooth

Sometimes names just sort of happen. "BBG" stands for "Blueberry's Girl" (Blueberry being one of our favorites). Yes, there is a BBG Shaggy as well. We think of BBG Smooth as the R&B DJ of the goat barn. 



Dora the Exporer is flighty and compact and quick on her feet. This is not her first kidding season, and she looks forward to introducing her kidlets to the far off lands of the other side of the barn. 



QUADRUPLETS born 1/27! Loretta is a little bit like a big cat -- she is friendly or stand-offish, depending on her mood. During farm tours we noticed she has a preference for tall fellas. Singing Loretta Lynn songs to her seems to have no effect. 



One baby, born 1/31! Last year Nellie had triplets, among which was Flopsy, who became the farm stand mascot for awhile. Nellie really likes having two babies, but not so much three. We'll see what she conjures up this time! 



1 baby, born Jan. 30! Bean is a bottle baby from 2 years ago. She looks like a small furry square right now, with her short legs and big belly, and is not super sure about this whole pregnancy thing, and clearly expects an explanation.



Hedwig is a large and lively mama who would prefer that we let her go eat some hay while discussing her name. Mandy and Crystal are quite attached to the name Hedwig, while Amy has declared she will only call her Heddy. 



Still waiting.... Olive is sweet as can be and a great mom. She seems to be the designated nanny for the rest of the flock, and last season was often found happily lounging while babies climbed all over her.



Twins, born 1/27! Either she is camera shy, or simply showing off her baby(ies) bump, Turtle used to be timid. But once those hormones kicked in she became docile, friendly and a favorite to cuddle. This is her second year as a mom. 



Twins, born 1/30! Charly is the daughter or Reba, who was known for her excessive noise-making. Interestingly, Charly is petite and quiet and seems to be adjusting to her growing girth rather sweetly. 



One big baby, born 1/31 Kujo is named thus because she will try and take a bite out of you if she is displeased. The sure way to displease her is to separate her from her breakfast. We look forward to her tiger mama approach. 



Twins born 2/1! Shelby is sister to Charly, and a first time mom this year. Yes, she looks like she may be not far along in her pregnancy, but isn't there always someone in the group who does that?!

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